The Importance of Timber Recycling in Sydney

Timbers play an important role in residential construction and furniture manufacturing. They are processed woods, which engineers use as flooring materials, frameworks, and supports in building houses. Moreover, carpenters use them to make pallets, tables, chairs, and any other house fixtures. 

As a resident, these timber products are the usual items inside your home. So you can attest that they are prone to pest infections. And they deteriorate faster, unlike metal and plastic items. 

Conventionally, you would throw them away. But now, you must avoid this method to protect the environment. Deforestation has been uncontrolled because too many trees are being cut down each year. Add to it the overcrowding of landfills with timber waste because of its short lifespan.  

Thus, Sydney’s local councils recommend that you should look for ways to recycle your timber rubbish. They have established policies, which put recycling as their top priority for waste disposal. 

To understand why you should follow this recommendation, let us look at the importance of timber recycling in Sydney.


Timber recycling protects forests and their inhabitants. 

If you look into it, Australia depends on the timber industry. It has abundant forest resources with a total land area of 134 million hectares — seventh largest worldwide. However, it doesn’t mean that we should exploit them. It is important to maintain the balance between our needs and the forest life. 

Just a little fun fact, a single mature tree can support about four people for their oxygen demands. What does it entail? It means that the more trees we save from a cut-down, the more people they can cater for oxygen needs. It is essential at this time since the population keeps growing through the years.

And how do we save trees from being cut down? That is through timber recycling. It hits two birds with one stone. It will not just save a tree but also the animals that depend on the forests for their survival.    

So, as one of the leading timber manufacturers, Australia should avoid over logging of trees and boost more efforts in timber recycling. 


Timber recycling decreases the impact of forest fires. 

Over the past months, there have been forest fires all around Sydney, which they called the Black Summer. The timber industry took a massive blow and lost revenues — estimated at $40 million based on
a news report.

Moreover, the bushfires resulted in deaths of three billion animals, destroyed thousands of homes, and burned 12 million hectares of woodlands. The magnitude of this fire is devastating and a heartbreaker. 

Over the years, you will undoubtedly feel its effects because the forest fires also turned billions of trees into ashes. Thus, timber recycling is one of the keys to recover gradually since minimising the wood products’ consumption will save trees from logging.  

Think of the lives and properties lost in the Black Summer before disposing of your timber waste. With just a small act, it can hopefully contribute to a bigger goal. 

Timber recycling can turn into something usable. 

Building something out of your timber rubbish is one way to utilise it. If you have a pet, then you can make a residential space for your buddy to enjoy. And if you have carpentry skills, then you can create simple furniture such as tables or chairs out of this waste. 

Moreover, you can also carry it to recycling centres or donate to charity to convert them into something meaningful. Recycling centres can turn it to compost through chipping as long as the timber is untreated with chemicals. Also, there are charitable institutions that can take them, especially those that are involved in constructing establishments for the indigents. 



Timber recycling is the best solution to get rid of your wood waste. With a lot of events happening in Sydney such as deforestation and bushfires, it is important to decrease the rubbish ending up in landfills and the cut-down of trees. 

However, timber recycling is not as easy as it sounds. You need to turn it into something, which requires a lot of thinking and physical work.  To help you, get Aussie Junk Services to transport it to recycling centres if you want to avoid the inconvenience. 

Our team of professional removalists will assess and sort your waste, making sure that no health hazard is compromised. We have a vast network of trusted recycling partners who will redeem your timber’s value. 

Get a free, no obligation quote for all sorts of rubbish removal service by calling us at ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us a message via email.

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