How to Responsibly Dispose of Old Appliances

Every single year, new devices flood the market. This may make you get a newer version of an appliance you already have. If at all you do fall into such temptations, you are not to be blamed. This is because most of the newer versions come with advanced features. Other versions even come with better performance than the older ones.

Sometimes, the thing that pushed you to get a new appliance is not an advancement in technology. It may be because the old one just got spoilt and you do need a new one. Whatever the case, the question at the end of the day is the same.

How do you dispose of the old appliance?

Let us explore the world of appliance disposal. We will do this by looking at the most common devices individually.



  • Haul it Away

If the fridge does not work, the best option would be to haul it away. The keyword here is hauling. Many people confuse throwing away with hauling. Throwing things away is basically discarding an item outside or at a disposal point. Hauling, on the other hand, is hiring professionals, also called removalists, to carry away an item. These professionals know what to do and how to do it.

In this case, hiring removalists is a great option and here is why. Many refrigerators come with a lot of chemicals fitted inside to run the system. These chemicals are only useful and harmless when they are running in the fridge.

If the fridge is improperly disposed of, it may get damaged. The damages may expose these chemicals. Once the chemicals are exposed, the results become catastrophic. That is why you should try as much as possible to hire a removal company to carry your old fridge away.


  • Donate

There are many less fortunate people across the globe. If you have an old television that you no longer use, just donate it. You may have bought a new television and put away the old one. You can just take it to a non-profit organisation or a church. These centres have officials who care for the less fortunate. The officials will ensure the TV gets to one of the less fortunate families.

  • Give it out free of charge

Sometimes you just want to declutter your house. Maybe because you feel it is too stuffy or you want to make space for other things. However you feel, giving out your old television for free is another impeccable way of getting rid of it

Nowadays, with the heavy use of technology, you can use that to your advantage. Just take a picture of the television and post it in your Whatsapp groups. There are high chances that one of the people may want it.

If that is too much work, you can just put it outside your house. On the television screen, place a piece of paper that says, “FREE.” When someone sees this, he /she will know that you are giving it away at no cost. Make sure that you stick the paper is stuck on the screen with superglue. This will prevent it from flying away and getting rid of the TV will be a bit more challenging. This is because people will just be passing by.


  • Upcycling

Computers are one of the most common devices in this age and era. This is because they are useful gadgets with multiple functionalities. Even so, there are instances where such appliances get spoilt and need to be discarded. However, the computer usually has numerous useful components. For this reason, you should try as much as possible to discard it through recycling.

What better way to recycle a computer than to take to the experts at a recycling facility? The first thing that is done at the recycling facility is parts collection. All the appliances received from you and put at the collection point are disassembled and scrapped for parts.

Once this is done, sorting follows. The appliances are then disassembled to find out which items will make what. Thereafter, these materials would be used to manufacture new ones.


Appliances are a form of e-waste which are one of the most difficult items to get rid of. Basically, you require innovative ideas to dispose of appliances.

One of these methods is through a recycling centre. If you have an old computer you do not use, you can take it to the recycling centre. With a refrigerator, you can haul it away through a hauling firm. TVs can be given out for free or donated.

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