How To Best Dispose of Large Glass Panels in Sydney

Almost every Sydney household has dealt with a broken bottle or glass. Shattered glass poses a severe safety hazard; our first response is to get rid of it safely and immediately. But that’s usually not the case for large glass panels.

Often, old glass panels are stacked and stored in our attics, basements, or garages to collect dust. Many people think they’re too precious to throw away and that no Sydney rubbish removal team can pick them up.

In this post, we’ll take you through different ways you can dispose of your large glass panels at home or in your office.

Donate or Give Them Away

If your old vanity mirrors, glass tabletops, and bathroom mirrors won’t complement your new home or office motif, consider giving them to your friends, or relatives, or donate them to local charities.

By giving them off, you’re getting rid of old glass panels for free and helping somebody else improve their home decor. Not only that, but you’re also actively keeping glass and more useful materials away from landfills.

Repurpose Old Glass Panels

How about considering a DIY project? Remember that glass can be hazardous to handle, let alone reshape or resize. But you can perform basic DIY projects like crafting a custom frame that fits your old mirror or a unique coffee table stand that complements your old glass tabletop.

There’s no limit on how you can repurpose your old glass panels. Ensure you observe safety precautions throughout the project to avoid unwanted injuries.

Send Them to Recycling Facilities

Depending on your local council, suburb, and availability, you can send your old glass panels to recycling centres. 

However, note that window panes, mirrors, and sliding glass doors differ from glass bottles. That means your local recycling facility may not accept old glass panes. But if they do, it must undergo a different recycling process and glass preparations which you may need to follow,

You can contact your nearest recycling company for more details. In most cases, you may be advised to transport them to recycling centres since most collection trucks might not collect nonstandard rubbish.

Call your local rubbish removal partner if you don’t have the time and courage to wrap, pick up, and transport your large glass panels.

Wait for Local Council Rubbish Collection

If you can’t recycle your glass panels, you can contact your local waste collection service and check if they collect large glass panels from the kerb. Note that the larger your glass panes are, the less likely your municipal curbside collection will pick them up.

To prepare your glass pane for kerbside pick up, follow the steps below:

Tape Off the Surface and Edges

If you think the glass pane is small enough for kerbside pickup, you need to ensure that it won’t injure collectors and passers-by. Tape a large X symbol on the surface, reaching all four edges. Tape off the edge so nobody handling the glass will get cut. Doing so also minimises splinters in case the glass breaks.

Wrap the Panel with Bubble Wrap or Cloth

To further prevent the glass from breaking, wrap it with an old blanket, cloth, or bubble wrap. Doing so will distribute any shock and impact during transportation and prevent splinters if the glass breaks.

Use Proper Labels

After wrapping the glass panel, you don’t want anyone mistaking it for an old frame or portrait. Label the wrap properly so everyone will handle it with care. Consider taping a fragile sticker or writing a Glass panel for disposal.

Place the Glass Panel Properly

Simply throwing your glass panel into a bin can be dangerous to anyone handling it. To ensure that collectors can properly dispose of it, place the glass beside the curbside bin, away from the sidewalk, and easily seen by rubbish collectors.

The best option to get rid of large glass panels without lifting a finger is by calling a Sydney Junk Removal team.

Call a Sydney Junk Removal Team Today

The safest way to dispose of large glass panels is to call a local rubbish removal team. If you’re not confident carrying large glass panels around, our team at Aussie Junk will gladly do the job for you.

We have local rubbish removal teams all across Sydney. We can safely collect and dispose of any type of glass without fuss.

We understand the risks of storing old glass panels, let alone their massive space. So book your next large glass panel removal at 0435 569 921 and get back that space and safety. You can call us 24/7 and at your most convenient hour.

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