Computer, Laptop & Phone Cleaning: How To Best Keep Your Electronics Clean

Electronics can incur visible dirt, stubborn smudges, and dust particles like other things in your house. Your computer, laptop, or even your phone can be a new adventure of grime after some time.

If you simply wipe down some visible parts, you may be missing the dirt and debris hiding underneath the keys and ports. Although a quick cleanup helps, you still need to do it thoroughly to remove every particle of dirt and keep your device safe.

So, we’ve listed some helpful tips to best keep your electronics clean. Read on to know more.

Prepare the Right Materials

Regardless of what electronics you’re cleaning, it’s essential to keep some good cleaning items at hand. Such materials are flexible in maintaining just any tech device. 

  • Compressed Air – You can use this tool when cleaning extremely narrow and unreachable parts or quarters of your laptop or computer. Just follow the procedures on the label, and you’re good to go. 
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – It’s probably one of the most common things used for cleaning almost anything. This cloth can absorb and get rid of oil, smudges, dust, fingerprints, and other dirt marks. 
  • Isopropyl Alcohol – For disinfection, you may use alcohol as it quickly evaporates and doesn’t damage the fragile or intricate parts of your electronics. 

Before You Start

When cleaning your computer, laptop, or phone, ensure to unplug them from power outlets. Remove batteries if it has any to be safe. You wouldn’t want to damage your electronics or put yourself at risk during the cleaning process. 

You also have to secure all cleaning materials. See if each piece of cloth is clean. Don’t tidy up your tech devices with dirty materials, as it will just be a waste of time. Make sure that your tools are clean as well as your hands, then you’re ready to start. 

Wipe the Exterior 

Use a piece of microfiber cloth to wipe down the outer casing of your computer, laptop, phone, or any electronics. Clean all corners of its exterior, but don’t wipe the screens yet.

If you’re using a phone protective case, remove it and wipe out all dirt and dust. Once you’ve done wiping the outer part, open your device casing and clean every visible surface. Give it a good wipe, removing any unnecessary marks. 

Clean the Screens

Grab a new microfiber cloth for screen cleaning. Begin by wiping the screens from left to right and then top to bottom. 

You may also do circular motions, but be gentle when wiping down the screens. Remember that glass displays are fragile and very thin, so applying the right pressure is essential to avoid damage. 

The same procedure applies to any electronic screen you need to clean. If there are stubborn smudges, try using some isopropyl alcohol when wiping. Put a few drops on the microfiber cloth and rub it gently on the screen. Doing so can quickly remove them. 

Don’t spray liquids directly onto the screens. Damp a cloth and use it to clean your device. 

Remove Dust and Debris from the Keyboard, Mouse, and Ports

This time you have to use the can of compressed air. Read the directions carefully and make sure to follow the right usage. 

Firmly attach the straw to the can, and you’re good to go. Start spraying the small areas, such as the spaces between your keyboard keys and USB or charging ports. Do some short bursts to loosen any debris clinging within the spaces. 

Turn your keyboards and laptops upside down, then shake carefully to let the loose debris come off. After dusting the major areas of your computer, laptop, or phone, make sure to clean all other ports, corners, and cooling vents as well. 

If some surfaces look grimy, damp cloth with isopropyl alcohol and rub it gently on touchpads, mice, and keys. Clean off all unnecessary marks as much as possible and complete the cleaning process. 

Finish Up

After cleaning your electronics, it’s time to put everything back in place. Don’t forget to check if the alcohol has completely dried off before reconnecting your devices to a power source. 

Now that you know the best ways to keep your electronics clean, regularly doing it is the next step. Timely upkeep is one excellent step to maintain any device’s condition. 

Besides, it’s good to make electronic cleaning a habit since such devices can be a vector of harmful microorganisms. Keeping everything tidy is essential not only for your electronic hardware but also for your health. 

If you need cleaning help, we at Aussie Junk got you covered. We can recommend various cleaning tips to keep your devices and entire home safe. 

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