How Much Does House Demolition Cost?

An old home lets you recall the memories of the past. But residing in such a household may have a high chance of collapsing, which can endanger your family. It’s one of the reasons why many households in Sydney start something brand new — rebuilding their abode to new contemporary homes.

Whatever reasons you have, replacing your old home with a new one makes your family live in a safe place for the next decades to come. It can also help you cope up with the trends of modern architectural designs. Make your house bigger and better before the land is scarce in doing such a thing.

In the recent report of Housing Institute of Australia, almost a third of new homeowners rebuilt their old houses on their existing piece of land. Having a not-so-good home condition in the best location can also convince you to rebuild your home. 

Before considering a home upgrade, understand first the process of home demolition and how much it costs. Usually, it takes a day or two to finish, and many factors are affecting its total price. That said, let’s outline the home knockdown process in your budget. 

House Demolition Cost

There are no exact costs when it comes to house demolition in Sydney. According to recent statistics, it ranges from $10,000 to $80,000. It is $35 in per-square-metre basis while ranging from $3-$11 per square foot. 

On a time basis, companies in Sydney charge an average price of $75 per hour. Minor demolition jobs can cost you $50 per hour and $90 per hour in complex tasks. Mainly, the total cost of house demolition fluctuates depending on what type of home upgrade you’re looking forward:

Selective Demolition

Such type of demolition only removes the part of the building you want to upgrade, without compromising the structure of your home. It’s more labour-intensive but cheaper as it won’t rely on heavy machines.

Here are the average costs of knocking down the selective parts of your home:

  • Kitchen – $6,900 to $11,000
  • Garage – $2,000-$6,000
  • Walls – $6,900-$11,000 (non-load-bearing walls); $4,500-$13,800 (load-bearing)
  • Driveway – $1,500-$5,000
  • Home foundation $2,500-$5,000 (sometimes it’s an extra charge)

Total Demolition

It simply means the removal of the entire structure or building. The work requires heavy machinery such as excavators and dump trucks. It’s often charged per hour and covers the costs in equipment and labour per day.

Manual Deconstruction

In manual deconstruction, it recovers all salvageable and recyclable materials in your house before demolition begins. Its primary purpose is to cut waste generated from the process through recycling, reusing and selling the recovered materials.

Factors Affecting House Demolition Cost

Aside from the type of demolition, other factors can change the total price of the job. Here are the following factors affecting the cost of demolishing your old house:

Building Size

If the contractor charges per square metre, having a tall or larger house will cost more. The total size of your home will drive up the labour cost and haul-away fees.

Building Material

The price of knocking down a house made of concrete is higher than building material made of wood or timber. It’s because taking down concrete and bricks takes longer and needs the use of heavy equipment such as caterpillars and excavators.

Presence of Hazardous Materials

Asbestos can withstand heat, decay, fire and water, making it a gift to the construction industry in the 1920s to 1990s. However, researchers found out that it was carcinogenic or cancer-causing, leading to its ban in 2003.

On that, asbestos is two to three times more expensive in getting rid of than typical building materials.

Site Accessibility

Demolishing your house with lesser obstructions is cheaper compared to a property surrounded with trees or in a slope and hills.

Transportation Cost

The distance of your home to the disposal and recycling centre is another reason why the total costs of house demolition increase.

Additional Structure

The cost of house demolition can increase if you choose to add removing structures such as pools, sheds and even barns. 

Surrounding Vegetation Removal

Removing the surrounding foliage and trees near your house is necessary. Before that, you need to consult your arborist or find out if you can save by pruning or root removal. Depending on your tree type, sometimes it’s expensive, but the minimum price for tree removal is $700 per hour.

Services Disconnection

Usually, you need to disconnect your gas, electricity, telecommunication and water before the onset of the demolition process. The whole disconnection process is an additional cost aside from demolishing your house. But check your contractor first if they will need water for asbestos removal.

Pest Removal

Pest removal is required if rodents and other pests inhabit your house. It might add to cost, but this will prevent pests from spreading in your neighbour’s homes.

Demolition Permit

Find out the regulations of your local council before signing a contract for house demolition. The typical cost of a demolition permit is around $350-$700.

Bushfire Zones and Heritage Restrictions

The zone where your property belongs can affect demolition cost. Bushfire zones need more supervision in tree removal and any form of construction, so see to it what are requirements you need to pay before the demolition starts.

Moreover, check if your area is under historical sites as it might prevent or take longer to process your demolition approval.


An old home might have sentimental value for your family. But the wear and tear of an old house can give rise to the poor condition of living and is risky to anyone. In such a case, demolition is the first step in replacing your old home for a brand new one.

Moreover, the costs of the demolition process vary due to different factors. Knowing such factors can guide you to prepare financially before creating your dream house. And throughout the process, it’s necessary to dispose of your house’s debris lawfully and adequately.

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Aussie Junk

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