Fun Activities for Kids to Learn About Recycling

Kids don’t need to be very old and all-knowing to practise good waste management methods at home. Your children can be engaged and active in recycling habits to help in making the environmental situation better every day. As such, there are activities you can do to teach them the proper ways of doing recycling every day. Teach your kids and your family about recycling to get them a  head start in being advocates in good environmental practices.

As you are in the household, there are some activities you can do to teach your kids about recycling. These are some of the things you can do:

Do some arts and crafts

One of the easiest ways to introduce the concept of recycling is through arts and crafts. If you have some recyclable materials at home, set aside time for you and your kids to engage in a creative session. You can create home decor using these recycle materials like recyclable packaging and containers. Not only does this make you lessen the amount of garbage to throw away, but you can also actually find something useful and functional from the art pieces.

Play online recycling games

There are plenty of recycling games online. If your children are fond of playing with their gadgets, many websites online are educational enough to host these games to your kids. Sit down with them and teach them concepts about recycling by engaging with them through the game. Make sure to introduce common household products so that the next time they get their hands on these supposed throw-away products, they know they can recycle those. 

Build a recycled toy

Another more interactive way is levelling up for arts and crafts time and actually building toys using these recyclable waste at home. You can always fashion toys out of pet bottles and have them wrap with colourful packaging all from your rubbish. Imagine going on a grocery run and then all the wrappers and carton boxes are there that can serve as your starting materials to build your toys. Now your kids have something to play with.

Set up a basketball rings

Basketball is fun, but makeshift basketball is even more educational and interactive. Set up some basketball hoops in your yard and use pet bottles that are about to be thrown. These bottles can serve as the “ball” just like in basketball. Moreover, you can use equally different recyclable materials that you can turn into a ball and shoot through the hoop. Your kids can have an active exercise and get to feel the hype just like in real basketball.

Create recycled notebooks

If your kids are fond of writing, making recyclable notebooks can be as much fun as what they write. Many people use paper, particularly those that can still serve the purpose of being blank slates to write in. Make sure to have equal sizes or dimensions for the paper and have them glued or fastened together to put them all in one place. These makeshift notebooks can now be their new diary and you get to have less paper waste to dispose of.


Recycling need not be very complicated even for youngsters. If recycling is deemed fun from the start, it can build unto better waste management habits for your entire household. Engage everybody in these practices and introduce the concept of fun in dealing with waste.

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