Environmental Impacts of Paper Recycling

In Australia alone, a whopping four million tonnes of papers are being consumed each year, and millions of them are ending up in landfills. You need to abandon the “It doesn’t affect me anyway” mentality because it does! 

You need to realise that they are equivalent to the cut down of about 70 million trees. And you can actually feel its effects right now as there has been a continuous increase in temperature due to the shortfall of these carbon dioxide absorbers.  

Paper recycling is one of our weapons in fighting the excessive production of paper waste. It processes the used papers and converts them to other paper products. Saving trees through this approach has domino effects that will improve the state of our environment. That’s why authorities are now investing more in recycling centres and imposing stricter regulations on paper waste disposal. 

So you can appreciate the importance of recycling papers. And hopefully, practise it consistently. Here are some of its environmental impacts:

Paper Recycling saves millions of trees. 

Trees are the primary producers of papers. Specifically, the fibres of the cellulose undergo intricate procedures to create them — the longer the threads, the better. On average, a standard tree makes about 8,000 to 10,000 sheets of paper. 

Not bad right? But if you are considering the global paper demand for newspapers, documents, packaging materials, and any other paper-related services. Then, it is a big deal because it is equivalent to billions of trees knocked down every year.     

So, authorities have begun their environmental movements to reduce the ongoing paper waste problem. One of them is through paper recycling. 

People need to understand that paper recycling has a substantial impact on the campaign to protect the environment. Did you know that just a tonne of recycled papers can save about 17 trees? With a million tonne, you can ensure the safety of 17 million trees. And that is enough to lessen the effect of greenhouse gases.      

Paper Recycling reduces gas emission.

Trees are effective carbon dioxide absorbers. They are our main shields against global warming. Burning of fossil fuels and other factory activities continue to emit greenhouse gases at a large-scale that harm the environment and its inhabitants. 

Thus, we need to ensure that our trees are sufficient enough to fight the battle against these threats.

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone are the major causes of the constant rise in temperature. And the majority of the overall gas emissions come from carbon dioxide. 

On the contrary, trees need carbon dioxide to process and release oxygen. According to Arbor Day Foundation, a lone tree absorbs about 22 kg of carbon dioxide each year and supplies oxygen enough for four individuals. 

With the billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere, we also need billions of trees to oppose its effect. Thus, we should do everything in our power to minimise their cut down.  

Paper recycling has a significant impact on decreasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It means that if more papers are recycled, then more trees are saved, and less carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere.                 

Paper Recycling saves energy.

It is more energy-efficient to process recycled papers than to create new ones. They have fibres that are responsible for their strength and recyclability. Experts say that you can reprocess them for about 5 to 7 times as long as their threads are long enough and don’t disintegrate. 

According to Stanford University, recycling just a tonne of papers saves about 4100kW of energy, 1000 litres of oil, and 23 cubic metres of landfill’s space. Moreover, paper manufacturers spend 40% less energy by recycling papers than processing virgin trees.  


Paper recycling has significant environmental impacts. It helps in saving millions of trees, decreases the carbon dioxide emissions, and conserves a massive amount of energy and resources. In the end, it is our responsibility to protect the environment, so start your clean-up now and sort your papers for recycling. 

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Aussie Junk

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