Do Rubbish Removal Companies Provide Strip Out Services?

Many removal services are available for everybody upon appointment booking and contact. All you need to do is call your local rubbish removalists and communicate with them what you want. You can easily find out more about the services on websites. 

You can transact accordingly and wait for your expert rubbish handlers to do the job after. Finding removal companies is simple, however, what kind of services do they truly offer?

For any other scenario other than your usual rubbish pick up and disposal from your site, you’ll probably wonder about other services your expert removalists can do. After all, your rubbish removals can do more than just pick up and collect your waste right?

The answer is yes.

One such thing you’ll consider is a strip out service for properties like homes and commercial spaces. What exactly is a strip out service?

A strip out service is exactly how it sounds. Stripping any place of any rubbish or things that are within the property. There’s nothing like getting rid of everything or most of the things that you want to get rid of.

However, a job as big as a strip out service entails a big team of expert people who know how to remove your waste and things without damaging as much of the structure of the place. After all, you’re only getting rid of the rubbish, not the entire place. 

Complete strip out service

Rubbish removalists can do a strip-out service at different levels and degrees. For the most part, as the name suggests, a strip-out service means a complete strip out. This means getting rid of anything inside a room, a property or a site.

They don’t only dispose of the waste that’s inside, but they also carefully pick apart the fixtures and equipment inside. You can think of this as a completely new room that’s as clean as new afterwards.

One such example you can think of ever needing this is if you want to renovate a part of your home completely. That room needs complete stripping before construction The builders will then construct after.

Another one is if you want to move to another location, you might need to get rid of everything in the property truly, hence, a strip out for that location. Whatever you decide on, your property is left with the structure it was originally in. 

Partial strip out service

If you want to keep some things inside, however, you might opt for a less in-depth version of a strip-out service. A partial strip might interest you if you want to keep some things like some lighting fixtures or fixed in furniture.

You are still asking your rubbish removalists to clear out the area, but they will not strip you requested otherwise. You can communicate and work with your team to decide what to keep and which things to eliminate. 

If you decide to leave that lighting fixture in the wall, the removalists won’t take it out. If you want to keep the drywall that serves as a partition, then it will stay there. A partial strip-out service can include removing all the unfixed things inside the structure. It doesn’t make it any less than a complete strip-out service. You’re just choosing to retain some things and remove most of the things that you want to go. 


Aussie Junk is one of the teams that can aid you in your waste removal needs daily. As a team of expert rubbish removalists, we are professional enough to handle your requests.

As such, we also offer strip-out services for you. Whether you want to retain just the original structure of your property or you want it to turn back into a new building canvas for more recent constructions, we can work with you in doing so. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can call us on our mobile phone number: ‪0435 569 921‬ or send your enquiry via email.

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

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