Common Causes of Bad Odour Problems in Your Commercial Space

Do you have some business to attend to? Is your commercial location the last area you’re going to be in today? As a business owner, more often than not, there are other things in business that you prioritise more than the cleanliness and order of your commercial space. This is why you leave it to others to take care of it for you. You simply can’t be there to keep an eye on the physical aspects when you’re too busy landing deals with another potential client.

Don’t worry though. There are other services and people in other industries that are more than trained and are unparalleled experts in keeping your space clean. This is where Aussie Junkservices come into play. As the rubbish removalists for so many commercial settings, we know more about maintaining the tidiness of your areas. We can do the same for you and point out the real reasons your places start to reek off a bad odour.

Carpets and rugs

For most business owners, renting a commercial space is the most obvious and viable option for your business. This means your space has office carpets and rugs. More often than not, your carpet and rugs are rarely cleaned out as much or as regularly as possible. This makes it one of the most common causes of bad odour in your space. Carpets and rugs usually emanate a foul smell after long periods of wear and use. Do a deep clean for these things to remove the smell.

Machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment also contribute to the common causes of bad odour in your business. Since many types of machinery need other products to run and to maintain, these products give off an after smell. Have you ever smelled the odour of used oil and such same products at some point when you were using or checking your machinery and equipment? Chances are the smell comes from the products and the continued usage of these things. Clean these after each use.


One of the most common uncommon causes of odour is actually moulds. This is because, in your commercial space, moulds are rarely seen or ever thought of where the odour is concerned. You’ll be surprised at how moulds grow in the most secret space in your settings. This contributes to the smell going on in your business. Always double check your pantry or enclosed spaces for signs of moulds to prevent the stinky smell from coming in on your space.

Comfort rooms

Comfort rooms are one of the most obvious sources of odour. Especially for businesses that involve customers and eating. Restaurants usually have daily and hourly checks of comfort rooms to maintain cleanliness. However, sometimes, no matter how clean and sparkly the comfort room is, there is still a lingering smell. This is because before the cleaning check is done, the smell has set it. Maintain the pure smell of comfort rooms by checking it always.


One of the most hassle and inaccessible sources of bad odour is the plumbing system of any commercial setting. Sometimes, comfort room fixtures and drains still house in the most rotten smell of any commercial space. It can turn into the most pungent smelly sources too. You’ often need professional plumbers to fix this especially if there are damages and leakage that is causing the smell and stock up of smell in your commercial space. Make your pipes odour-free.


Here at Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal, we know that you need to focus on your business. This is why we offer our rubbish removal services for business spaces like yours. If you simply don’t have the time to worry about your commercial space, then let us take care of it. We’ve been around a long time and we satisfy many clients by providing only the best and unparalleled service around. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want your space cleaned.

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