Climate Change: A Waste Management Problem

Waste and climate change go hand in hand. Garbage affects climate change. Climate change is a result of improper disposal of trash. Waste management is a human activity. More than just an issue in the Earth’s atmospheric disposition and changes, climate change is a people problem.

How you handle your waste can signify a collective, either positive or negative effect, on the world’s climate.


Air pollution

The rubbish from industrial activities contributes a great portion to air pollution. When factories and industrial locations start producing from machinery and technology, released gases get trapped into the air.

The same air that you breathe in becomes polluted due to harmful byproducts. These gases also come in emissions that don’t only pollute the air but stay in the air, taking part in raising the atmosphere’s temperature.


Change in weather conditions

Decomposing waste gives off the gas a result of the natural activities of breakdown. Waste must go together in different kinds to assign proper settings and methods of disposal.

If you decide to dump waste anywhere, the same area can be full of trapped harmful greenhouse gases that come from multiple volumes of waste in different kinds. Weather conditions can turn erratic and unpredictable. Imagine a village or suburb experiencing extreme weather conditions.


Global warming

The most prominent and noticeable climate change effect is global warming. Because there are volumes and concentrations of greenhouse gases staying around, everybody can feel the heat rising.

Global warming has been in effect for decades. Slow incremental increases of heat put flora, fauna, environment and people in danger. Death tolls related to the changing temperatures like heatstroke are at an all-time high. Anybody can feel the effects of heat.


Higher occurrence of calamities

Temperature changes also affect the occurrence in calamities. Storms, typhoons, forest fires and other events in nature.

As ironic as it seems, these natural disasters result in human-made activities that continue increasing Earth’s heat. The more heat there is the faster water vapour volumes form which can lead to dangerous storms and flash floods. Wind speeds become faster as the hotter ocean surface happens. It’s not surprising that more storms happen over the years.


Environmental impact on other nation

What happens if you decide to send off your waste volume to another nation? A country that has a better environmental condition and less strict environmental laws? The answer is, the detrimental environmental effects pollute the other nation too.

Instead of being free from volumes of greenhouse gases, other nations will start to feel climate change too. When pollution is rampant in one nation, other surrounding nations feel the first-hand effect too.



Climate change happens over time. It wasn’t something that spun around for a short time and left a lasting negative impression on nature. It is a result of decades, even centuries of unrestricted activity.

This includes improper waste management. It’s the duty and responsibility of everybody now to act against climate change. You can start by doing proper waste management. Let’s all leave a world that future generations can inherit in freedom and benefit.

You can begin by introducing waste management methods to your family or children. If not, you can expand more knowledge and apply them better in real life. There is no right or wrong way of starting to care for climate change today.

The only thing you can begin to do is act consciously. One recycled material or more efficient waste strategy is still better than littering anywhere.


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