Best Methods to Deal with Construction Rubbish

You’ve finally decided it’s time to build your dream home. You talk to your engineer and architects. You draw up plans with your designers and decorators. You finally have the chance of making your creative side as out and about as you can. Building your dream comfort zones is one of the biggest luxuries and milestones in life. It marks at the start of your new home life. It is your most comfortable place ever. There is nothing like it.

Fast forward to months of preparation and construction. You finally have the house of your fantasies, however, there’s something quite off. The lot is not as polish as it looks yet. There are dirt and piles of leftover gravel here and there. There are scattered paint containers around lightly and construction materials pop up here and there. You realise that your construction is over, however, your disposal days are far from over. 

So what’s left to do with a freshly made house with construction rubbish everywhere. You decide to clean it up so you can plan on moving in as soon as you can. However, it’s not as easy as you think. Construction waste can come in very large volumes or plenty in number. It will take more than manual disposal to get it over. Moreover, local policies and regulations forbid you to just throw it out on some unnoticeable curbside road you have along with the neighbourhood. 

As such, here are some helpful methods in dealing with construction waste:


One of the most immediate things you can do is reuse the trash that is around. If there are containers and materials that you can still further use for something else, it is better to find utility for them rather than throw them out. You can use some containers as containment for something else. You can start a compost pit for wood shavings. This will not only lessen the resources you’ll initially need for setting up your new place, but you can also save bucks in waste disposal.


Another method is sending your construction waste for recycling facilities. Since most of the construction waste is raw materials for construction and house production, these are things you can transform into something else. You can also recycle some of these on your own. If you have any background or experience in building, maybe you can further develop other simple additional things for your home from the materials that were left. 

Manual disposal

For some neighbourhoods and local areas around Sydney, your local councils offer free pickup for some kinds of waste. Check their website first and find out if some of the leftover construction waste is eligible for pickup over by your local council rubbish removalists. If there are some materials that they accept. Book a pickup date and wait for the appointment to arrive. Disposal by this method can save you from some expense and cahelp in given recycling initiatives. 

Rubbish removal services

If you need help in handling your waste, you can always call your expert team of rubbish removalists around Sydney. They are more than experienced and knowledgeable enough in handling your construction waste. This saves you the hassle and the time to dispose of the leftover trash. All you need to do is enquire with them and wait around. The next thing you know, you are free to move over to your new place. 


Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is around to help you in making your dream home move-in come true. As a team of expert rubbish removalists, we offer all sorts of rubbish removal services and same day removals to make sure that all of your trash is gone in one go. There’s no need for hassle and worry about keeping your home in the cleanest state before you get to enjoy it. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can call us on our mobile number ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us an enquiry via email.

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

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