10 Practical Tips To Keeping Your Bathroom Spotless

Most bathrooms are dirty places. Not just the toilets, but shower stalls, sinks and towel racks can be covered in filth within a matter of days.

It’s not just crumbs that get caught there either; hair, dust and dirt settle around these areas so it feels like you’re never truly clean until you’ve migrated to another room!

But what if your bathroom doesn’t have to be this way? What if it could stay clean even when you use it daily? There are some simple tips that will help keep your bathroom spick-and-span while still allowing you to live in it every day.

These 10 tips should make cleaning your bathroom easy enough for anyone; they’re old fashioned tricks that people (including myself!) have been using for years. Give them a try and see the difference it makes!

How do I make sure my bathroom stays clean?

Tip 1: Invest in a squeegee

This tip can’t be ignored, especially now that we’re heading into winter. One of the biggest culprits of grime in bathrooms is ice cold water on tiles and shower doors.

Even if you just use your bathroom once every morning, those wet tiles will collect grunge so quickly that your shower door or floor could easily look like it hasn’t been cleaned since last year! 

That’s why investing in a squeegee is so important; along with trapping crumbs and hair it will also absorb water on tiles and glass.

Tip 2: Scrub your showerhead

Let’s get more practical, shall we? Try swapping out your old showerhead for one that has an adjustable spray setting.  Some of these models even come with timers to ensure you’re washing for the right amount of time -which can help prevent mould build up over time!

Scrubbing the grime off is easy too; all you need is baking soda or vinegar and a toothbrush (this tip works wonders on soap scum!). A little elbow grease goes a long way here. If you only do this once every few months you should be fine.

Tip 3: Hang rugs/towels

A simple way to keep your bathroom clean is by adding some rugs or towels. This is especially helpful if you have light coloured tiles or wooden floors.

Every time someone takes a shower the floor will get wet, so this step will allow water to stay on top of the rug instead of being absorbed straight through!  It’s also smart because it allows everyone in the house to use the same towel each day without worrying about bacteria build-up.  This tip works well for any part of your bathroom too.

Tip 4: Buy trash can with lid

You know where this is going… A trash can with a lid is another simple tip that will help keep your bathroom clean.

If you don’t have the money to spend on one right now, try using a plastic container and putting a napkin at the bottom. It’s easy enough for guests to open and empty when they leave, so it shouldn’t be too bad!  Just make sure that’s what you want out of the trash before you add anything else inside.

Tip 5: Use countertop appliances

You’ve probably seen this tip on various cleaning lists; if there’s ever something under your sink that looks unsanitary (because it collects dust) think about moving it to the countertop!

Sure some appliances like hair straighteners and curling irons don’t look like they’re doing anything but sitting there, but what you might not realize is that hot air and steam can become trapped around them and cause some major damage.

Using appliances on the countertop means trapping this heat away from the rest of the room, making sure your counters stay healthy longer!

Tip 6: Get rid of clutter

Clutter may seem unavoidable when you live in a home with more than one person, so this tip isn’t about organizing or even throwing things out (unless it’s something unsanitary).

It’s simply about where you place daily items; if toothbrushes and makeup brushes are still next to your sink then they’ll never truly get clean.  That’s why it’s important to place them where they can truly dry out after you’ve used them.  For makeup brushes, try letting the bristles hang over the edge of a cup or jar!

Tip 7: Replace your shower curtain liner regularly

 If your bathroom is anything like mine then chances are that you have more than 1 string of mould growing near your shower.

That’s not only gross but it means that you’re spending all this money on cleaning products to keep things clean while neglecting one simple thing.

Mould loves moist places, and since your shower curtain is always wet it should be no surprise that bacteria piles up so fast.  Yuck!

If this is a recurring problem then talk with your landlord about switching to a different shower curtain liner.  If you forget, try placing one in the cabinet under the sink so you always have one when you need it.

Tip 8: Use bleach

Speaking of mould… One way to prevent it from growing anywhere in your bathroom is by using bleach!  Yeah, it’s not exactly glamorous, but neither are stains on your tub!

Since bleach doesn’t just mask dirt but actually kills off bacteria, there’s no better product for keeping mould at bay. If you know that there are already spores lurking around then please be careful when applying this step. Bleach can cause damage if incorrectly, so ALWAYS wear gloves and a mask if you plan to use this product!

Tip 9: Check the grout

The grout in your bathroom may not seem like that big of a deal, but it can actually be a problem area too.  And cause you don’t know how often people wipe their feet before entering your house, having bacteria drenched grout could spell disaster for your bathroom (and who knows, maybe even the entire home) down the line.

So try cleaning these spaces with either bleach or hydrogen peroxide; both are completely safe and will kill off any germs hiding away in there!  Oh yeah… And make sure to wear gloves when doing so again.

Tip 10: Keep it clean

The final and most important step to keeping your bathroom clean is simply making sure that you’re wiping down surfaces after each use.  Even if it’s just a quick sweep of the counters or the sink, ensuring that they stay dry will prevent any bacteria from building up (which means no more mould!)

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