Common Areas In Your Home That Should Always Be Clean

Cleaning can be a tedious activity. Not everyone enjoys doing chores, and even if you are a clean freak, some certain spots and items are easily overlooked. Moreover, these spots collect filth and disease-causing bacteria ‒ which are right under your noses.

Make sure not to miss any filthy spot the next time you clean up your home. To serve as your guide, here are the common areas and items in your home that should always be clean. Ironically, the list begins with the items you use for cleaning.


Cleaning Supplies

The truth is, even your cleaning supplies need cleaning. Brushes, brooms, and sponges are used to remove dust and dirt from surfaces. Still, these accumulate in the bristles and sponges themselves.

Keeping your equipment cleaned will ensure effective and efficient cleaning. Make sure to wash your cleaning fabrics weekly and shake the dust away from brooms and dusters. Additionally, scrubbing your brushes will get rid of the accumulated dirt.

But aside from dirt, bacteria can also build up on several surfaces and most commonly ‒ on remote controls.


Remote Controls

Television remote controls are among the list of items people forget to clean. Clinical studies show that remote control surfaces have the most bacteria in a modern home. Furthermore, these germs are readily transmissible to the human hand.

Simply remove the batteries and wipe down the surface with antibacterial formula or alcohol. Spraying it with disinfectant also ensures protection from bacteria and viruses. Do this once a week to prevent the germs from spreading.


Light Switches, Handles, and Door Knobs

Just like your remote controls, you touch the switches, doorknobs, and handles hundreds of times every day. That means they also become bacteria factories waiting to transmit diseases to your family. To prevent this, wipe down your light switches, kitchen cabinet knobs, and door handles regularly to avoid spreading germs and bacteria.


Toothbrush Holders

Your hands transmit germs from one place to another, mostly on items you touch every day, such as your toothbrushes. You brush your teeth at least twice a day, so you don’t want germs to breed on them. 

Don’t ignore toothbrush holders as they become hot spots for bacteria. Rinse or wipe it out with fabric and soap regularly, so your toothbrush remains clean and healthy. Additionally, change your toothbrush every three months to ensure a safe and germ-free brushing habit.


Washing Machine and Dishwashers

Dishwashers and washing machines can drain off water and soap, but not germs. Over time, this makes clothes lose their pleasant smell after running through the wash. On the other hand, eating with bacteria on your utensils could only end up badly. 

That’s why Aussie Junkrecommends cleaning your washing machine every after two or three uses. You can pour baking soda and white vinegar into your washer and run the cycle on hot. Moreover, leave the lid open between uses to keep your appliances extra clean.



Your curtains will easily collect pollen, dirt, dust, and mould. So don’t skip them the next time you clean. Most curtains are easily washable and hang to dry. Moreover, some curtains are made with sensitive materials, and using a vacuum or wiping with a damp cloth can do the job.


Door Frames

Aside from curtains and tapestry, hard-to-reach areas such as the top and sides of your door frame also collect dust. They are often overlooked since these spots are out of sight, making them ideal for dust mites to breed. Use a feather duster or a soft cloth to remove the unwanted particles and make sure to include these areas the next time you clean.



Simply rinsing out a classic coffee maker with water and soap isn’t going to cut it. To really give it a deep clean, run a cycle of equal parts white vinegar and water, then another cycle of water to get rid of the vinegar stench.

Not only will this process remove calcium build-up, but it also prevents mould growth. So you can enjoy your morning coffee without worrying about germs and moulds in it.


Under Appliances

You probably clean your fridge and freezer regularly, but how about the floor beneath it? Cleaning under appliances can be easy to forget. This lets dirt, grime, dust, and food leftovers build-up, breed bacteria, and attract rodents.

When cleaning around your fridge, pull out the appliance and clean the coils with a brush and vacuum. Then, wipe down the wall, floor, and sides of the refrigerator with a damp rag. Repeat this process for other appliances.


Ceiling Fans

Dust particles collect on your fan blades, especially when it’s not in use. The easy way to eliminate dust build-up is to cover a fan blade with a pillowcase and wipe the dust off inside the fabric. Repeat this process for each blade and make sure to wash the pillowcase after using it. Now your ceiling fan is ready to spin dust-free.



Most people mop their floors but forget about their baseboards. They collect dust and dirt from furniture, pets, and foot traffic in your household. Moreover, in cleaning your baseboards, simply vacuum the dust away and run a damp cloth along the surface to thoroughly remove all remaining particles.


Trash Cans

You might have thought taking out the trash will eliminate the bad odour. However, leftover food and rubbish leachates can leave behind foul smells and disease-causing bacteria in your trash cans.

To get rid of the awful smell, thoroughly scrub the can and rinse it with running water. Let it dry and spray with a generous amount of disinfectant to kill the odour-causing bacteria. Repeat this regularly, and every time you take out your trash.



Cleaning should be comprehensive, and no single spot should be left unturned. Ignoring these common spots and items could become disease factories, exposing family members to different illnesses and health risks.

If you want your house thoroughly cleaned, Aussie Junk is the partner that you need. Our team of removalists is equipped to help you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home and remove all health risks associated with garbage.

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