8 Tips to Remember When Planning Office Demolition

As the competitions for businesses are getting tighter, many buildings in Sydney are into expansions catering the changing needs and wants of many people. Having an upgrade in your office surely gives you an edge over your competitors in whatever industry you are. 

However, upgrading your office could mean demolishing it and the entire building itself. On the lighter note, the demolition process will let you replace weak foundations, reinforce worn-out infrastructure and remove hazardous materials like asbestos. Also, knocking off your office is another way to cope up with the changing building regulations in your area.

Above all, office demolition will make sure that your building will stand still to dominate the market for the next decades to come. That said, here are the eight tips to remember when planning for office demolition.

Assess Your Plans Carefully

Planning for an office demolition requires thorough design from permits, costing, actual demolition, and clean-ups. It’s no brainer that you are going to prepare these, but assess if your business will stop or not from operating during the knockdown process. 

Here are the types of demolition you can consider for your office:

Total Office Demolition

It’s the removal of your whole building. In this case, you should decide if you’re going to stop your business for the meantime or find a temporary office to continue operation.

Selective Office Demolition 

Such type knocks off only the parts you wish to remove such as walls, rooms and other parts of your building. The demolition process is not that disturbing compared to total demolition.

Manual Deconstruction

Demolishing your office becomes cheaper with this kind of demolition. It recovers all the salvageable and recyclable materials from your office’s debris. 

Proper planning for the demolition is crucial. Remember that a specific demolition procedure might work in other offices but not for your building. On that, work with your stakeholders to create the perfect plan for a successful demolition project.

Moreover, make sure that you can get the demolition permit quickly. It’s challenging to obtain one if your plans are not compatible with the requirements of your local regulations. A lot of planning is crucial in getting permits, especially if you’re in a bushfire zone and restricted historical sites.

Have An Office Inspection

After planning everything out, you must subject your office to inspection. The inspection will determine the total size of your building that constitutes the cost of the demolition process. Also, it’s better to find out if your office has damages and hazardous materials like asbestos which need to get removed immediately for the safety of everyone.

Hire Experienced Demolition Contractors

Hiring an experienced demolition team can give you quality and fast service in knocking down your office. Review if the demolition company you will choose has good client feedback and if there are no accidents that have happened in their past projects. It’s also a good thing if the team has numerous experience in demolishing offices within your area.

Moreover, make sure if your demolition contractors follow EPA standards when it comes to the environmental approach in deconstructing offices. Also, see to it that they have the state-of-the-art equipment to perform all the tasks given to them.

Prioritise Safety in Office Demolition

Aside from the experience and quality service the demolition team offer, they must prioritise safety above anything else during the demolition project. Safety is a shared responsibility between you and the demolition company. See to it that every worker knocking down your office observes precautionary measures and warning signage are all over to heighten safety during the process.

Optimal safety is attainable when you have trained staff working for the given job. Also, the working team must follow the OSHA standards for employees safety throughout the process.

Prepare For Office Demolition Cost

Aside from the cost of halting your office’s operation, the demolition project itself is expensive. In Sydney, demolishing any structure is worth $35 per-square-metre. On a time basis, a minor task is $50 per hour and could reach up to $90 per hour in complex jobs. If your office’s building has many storeys, it will cost higher compared to a single or double-storey establishment. 

Disconnect Services Before Demolition

Another plan that you must take note when planning for office demolition is disconnecting your services such as water, electricity and telecommunication cables. You need to work on it months before to make the demolition process smooth and easy. But before you disconnect water, ask your contractor if they will use water for asbestos removal.

Inform Surrounding Businesses About the Demolition

Before the demolition process, it’s essential to inform the surrounding businesses the date of knocking down your office. Consider the neighbouring buildings as it can help them prepare from the possibility of falling debris, dust, noises and heavy equipment. With that, you need to make sure protective barriers are secluding your area.

Seek Rubbish Removal Services

Expect that in every office deconstructing process, there are massive amounts of rubbish. With that, many rubbish removal services are providing cheaper rates in Sydney that can also recover salvageable and recyclables from your office’s debris. These services should also have the equipment to remove all the rubbish quickly and efficiently right after the demolition.


Office demolition is ideal for businesses expanding and venturing in the competitive market. The demolition process can help you replace worn-out infrastructure, foundations and remove asbestos in some cases. Moreover, smart planning in office deconstruction can help you upgrade your building that can cater to the demanding needs of the society in the years to come.

When demolition rubbish becomes a massive problem in your way, Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal is here to help. Our expert removalists have devised ways conforming to EPA guidelines in reusing and recycling most of the demolition debris.

For all sorts of rubbish removal service, please call ‪0435 569 921‬ today for a free quote.

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