7 Tips on How to Keep Your Home Odour-Free

Our sense of smell tells us a lot about our surroundings and this is why it is often perceived as the most powerful sensation in the human body. The scent is one of the first things that people will notice about your home.

The way your home smells will not only indicate how pristine and clean it is. It also reveals the person’s character. 

Every home has a unique scent. Although we hate to tell you this, some houses smell better the other. A pleasant smell can make or break our day. Odours could be the biggest turn-off or a stellar accomplishment to every household owner.

Interior experts say that the actual clean smell has no smell at all.

However, getting your house to smell like nothing is next to impossible. Every day you’re bound to wind up with different odours and aromas.

Although there is an easy way to mask the odour using artificial freshening sprays to make your entire home smell incredible, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to make your home free from all the bad and stinky smells. 

When it comes to removing household smells, you have to find the source and get rid of it right away. Let’s get into our simple and effective odour-free tips.

Throw the Bad and Bring in the Good


1. Clean and dispose of your garbage bins regularly

Have you noticed a lingering stink in your kitchen? The combination of odours from rubbish and leftover food creates an unpleasant stench. Keep your garbage cans from nasty odours by changing the liners every couple days or once you notice a stench of smell. 

Getting your garbage smelling good again is simple. The essentials in your kitchen are readily available, such as baking soda, disinfecting spray, lemon or orange peels.

2. Declutter your refrigerator

The following contender is your fridge. We all love take-outs, but most of the time we toss our leftovers in the fridge until it slips off our minds.

To keep your fridge from these funky smells, we have to toss anything past its prime. Scrub the interiors and open a box of baking soda. And always double-wrap pungent foods.

3. Spruce up the soft surfaces

Funky smells are often drawn to your fabric-covered furniture or textiles such as carpet, upholstery, bed linens and curtains. Let’s not forget the musty or wet towels and piled-up laundry that also emits a lingering smell.

The easiest way to avoid smells on your soft surfaces is to get the spills cleaned right away, and wash your soiled clothes regularly.

And don’t forget to sprinkle a box of soda to your soft surfaces for at least 15 minutes and vacuum as usual. This same method works for your pet bedding as well.

4. Get rid of the stink in your shoe cabinet

You may not realize but a pile of shoes contributes to a great amount of stench in your home. There are simple and easy ways to eliminate the smell in your shoe cabinet with a DIY shampoo spray. If you want to get rid of the smell, you might want to toss your shoes in the washer or brush it manually.

5. Scented candles

Scented candles are likely the most popular way to add fragrance to your home. To increase its efficiency, you must place it strategically in the least common spaces, such as closets. 

You don’t have to light them necessarily; fabrics or clothes will absorb the scent of the candles.

You can also place scented candles in your bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. It will not only add aesthetic, but it will also make your space even more aromatic once it is lit.

6. Diffuse essential oils

If you don’t like the soot or ash from scented candles, you might want to switch to a better and more efficient way of deodorizing your home by diffusing essential oils.

Diffusers can be customised since you have the option to combine your favourite essential oils and create a scent that is perfect for your preference.

Experts also prefer diffusers over expensive plug-in deodorisers because they provide more natural smells and are safe for kids and pets.

7. Grow some shrubs

Another tip that is aesthetically pleasing not only to your sense of smell but also to your eyes is fresh flowers, indoor or live plants and herbs.

Some indoor plants have natural air filters and work as a humidifier as well. Besides the fresh air that is circulating, it keeps your home odour-free.


No matter how often you try to mop, scrub and wash to get rid of the stenches from your kitchen sink, floor, bathroom walls, teeming garbage bins and piled up laundry, the foul odours of our everyday life are inevitable.

Keeping your home pristine and squeaky clean is impossible as long as you cook and exist. However, with the right products and a consistent attitude towards good housekeeping, the odds are favourable if you follow these tried-and-tested tips.

We can’t blame you for going overboard when it comes to making your household smell good and clean. If you consider and add these simple and easy tips the next time you want to declutter your place, it will make a difference.

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