5 Efficient Ways to Manage Yard Waste

Every homeowner across Sydney deals with a substantial amount of yard waste. Since these wastes contribute to the never-ending stacks of rubbish on the landfills, it is necessary to try ways that will lessen its impact.

Yard wastes are leaves, tree trimmings, grass clippings, and any organic rubbish that you can find in your property. These green wastes may seem trivial, but they can be harmful if not handled properly.

Besides, yard waste management allows you to perform several methods for effective rubbish control. Hence, we listed five ways to manage your pile of yard wastes efficiently.


1. Grasscycling

Grass clippings make up a large quantity of Sydney’s yard waste. Instead of being recycled on our garden beds, they usually end up on landfills. As an efficient solution, grasscycling lets you recycle your yard’s grass clippings. You can do this by allowing your grass cuts to settle and decompose on your lawn after mowing.

Grasscycling helps in adding nitrogen to the soil and keeping the moisture on your yard. Also, it prevents the build-up of thatch and reduces the occurrence of fungal disease on your lawn.

Moreover, grasscycling permits your clippings to decompose within two to three weeks and eventually becomes a fertilizer supplement. Likewise, they can make your turf look healthier without the presence of unwanted weeds.

Aside from that, grasscycling does not require you to gather grass offcuts in a plastic bag when mowing. Thus, it reduces the use of harmful plastics while saving time, money, and effort.


2. Proper Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn contains various plants and species of grass which produces a significant amount of yard waste. Hence, the best way to manage and lessen waste generation is through proper lawn maintenance.

Subsequently, identifying the types of plants growing on your yard is essential for effective lawn care. Through this, you can quickly get rid of invasive and unwanted plants, preventing them from spawning additional rubbish.

Furthermore, you can choose to have low-maintenance and slow-growing plants. These plants demand less pruning, thus, producing fewer wastes.


3. Make a Compost Pit

Having a compost pit allows you to reduce the volume of rubbish thrown on your curbside bins. Moreover, composting fallen leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and plant-based trash can make an excellent organic fertilizer for your garden.

Generally, yard wastes produce nitrogen and carbon, which significantly helps on their decomposition. Piles of materials that are rich with these elements can speed up the composting process and provide your garden with a highly beneficial soil additive in a matter of weeks.


4. Vermicomposting

Using worms on your composting process is another efficient way to manage your yard waste. Though this works almost similar with your compost pit, it differs in a way that worms add minerals to the soil. Worms break down food-based organic waste and turn them into humus soil that’s full of nutrients.

Moreover, vermicomposting gives off several significant benefits. It does not only provide nutrients to the ground but also offers various beneficial bacteria. Thus, improving the structure of the soil.


5. Hire a Rubbish Removal Team

All yards generate waste ‒ from daily plant care, lawn mowing, and pruning. Besides, it might be quite a task for you to make compost pits for your yard waste. Thus, it is best to let a rubbish removal company remove the green waste for you.

Hiring a rubbish removal team that gathers and collects all your unwanted yard waste will be a better option if you can’t compost massive loads of rubbish. Reliable removalists such as Aussie Junkwill help you dispose and recycle your never-ending yard wastes.



Efficient yard waste management is essential for every homeowner. Since these organic wastes may come and go from time to time, you will need to establish an effective way to dispose and recycle them. Through methods like grasscycling, lawn maintaining and composting, your rubbish will turn into valuable materials.

However, even with those methods, you may still find a significant amount of yard waste that cannot get rid. Hence, you will need a rubbish removal team to do the work. Aussie Junk will be at your doorstep anytime you need help with your pile of yard waste.

Our highly skilled removalists will take any rubbish within your yard and household. We will deliver exceptional household rubbish removal services wherever you are across Sydney. Feel free to talk with our friendly staffs at ‪0435 569 921‬ or email us at info@aussiejunk.com.au for a free quote.

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

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