Applying the 4 R’s of Waste Management for Your Office Rubbish

There are definite ways of dealing with trash before you ultimately decide that they’re part of the landfill in your local area. Better waste management has been gaining traction over the years. The initiative of people to concerns regarding the degrading state of the environment has put more people to an alarming concern. Lifestyles that refrain from harming nature are put up out as a priority. As such, dealing with waste has been in constant change to make lives better.

In your day to day office jobs, your company should be applying waste management practises that not only make your workplaces better but make you realise how good waste management can also be profitable.  These are 4 Rs that your companies can do to make office rubbish go way longer than just being your potential local junk in the landfills.



One way to lessen waste is by literally consuming less. For example, your workplace could find ways to lessen the supplies and stocks it buys. By doing this, you also lessen the money you spend on acquiring these material things. These are the ways you can reduce your office rubbish:

  • Going more digital and buying fewer paper supplies
  • Bringing your own coffee mugs to work and cutting out paper cups
  • Invest in good air dryers and ditch paper towels in comfort rooms and common areas



Reusing can also be a good way to lessen waste when there are things you can’t avoid buying. Reusing also guarantees that you put in conscious thought in things that you buy, therefore lessening future cost for the same material you consume. In your offices, a lot of things can be candidates for reuse. These are a few tips for reusing:

  • Print your papers back to back and lessen the margins as much as allowed to maximise the paper space
  • Buy used furniture for your offices
  • Use reusable dishes, utensils and glasses



You can also choose to repurpose. Repurposing gives new function or purpose to the same things. By doing those, you don’t only cut possible miscellaneous costs, but you give more value to the things you buy. Make sure you use things up to their worth. These are some things you can do in your offices to repurpose supplies.

  • Use old and used supplies and products into party favours like any of the following
    • Using used papers as an alternative paper wrapper for office gifts
    • Creating anything from office supplies as holiday decor during holidays like Halloween, Christmas, etc.
  • Using old filing cabinets as bookshelves or tools storage



Recycling is a much more costly way of dealing with waste, yet it really turns your waste into something else, a more brand new material that can be for different use. Your investments in recycling methods really put waste to further use in the future. Some examples of recycling methods in your office are as follows:

  • Collecting all your paper waste and sending them to recycling facilities for processing
  • Wastewater treatment methods for your used office water
  • Have a recycling system in your offices by implementing segregation bins for recycling waste



Having an office waste management is vital for a more sustainable method of dealing with waste. No matter how small of a step it is to reuse your papers or get creative with old office supplies, can mean a great change for the environment and cut you some further costs. Here at Aussie Junk, we offer services and help for your office rubbish. We make office waste disposal as easy as a click on your finger.

Sustainable waste management starts from simple ways of disposing of things. Do you have old furniture you want to send away? We work in Sydney and we can do that for you. Give us a call at ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us an email at

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

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