Commercial Junk: 10 Types of Junk We Can Help Your Remove

Among the key players of the world economy is small and medium enterprises (SMEs). They comprise 90% of the world’s businesses and provide 50% of employment

This is also true for Australia, where SMEs contributed 32% of the country’s GDP in 2018-2019. But, along with the economic wealth they generate are 6.5 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste every year. Only 56% of them are recycled.

But, if these businesses generate so much waste, how are they dealing with it? The quick answer is through companies offering commercial junk removal services, like Aussie Junk.

Here at Kurt’s, we understand the mental stress that waste hoarding brings. If you’re a business owner and having trouble with waste management, you can trust us to help you remove these 10 types of junk safely and cost-effectively.

1. Food Waste

Commercial spaces also generate food waste in the following forms:

  • Food scraps from offices and restaurants
  • Expired food products in supermarkets
  • Leftover food ingredients in bakeries and restaurants

Businesses must store these wastes in durable and sealable containers to avoid cross-contamination. Afterwhich, rubbish removal services can process them to either of the four destinations:

  • Anaerobic digestion plants
  • Food waste dewatering systems
  • Pump and vacuum systems
  • On-site food composting

2. Packaging Waste

Manufactured products are packaged to contain, protect, preserve, and deliver to the customers.

Unfortunately, the materials used for packagings like plastics, paper, glass, fibreboard, and many more, become considerable wastes. Australians, in particular, throw approximately 1.9 million tonnes of packaging yearly

Since these are usually hard to recycle, packaging waste is in landfills.

3. Liquid Waste

These wastes include the likes of industrial wastewater, sludge, and oil or grease. Sometimes these can be hazardous when mixed with flammable, corrosive, or toxic chemicals. 

Fortunately, companies are required to have a standard disposal mechanism for hazardous wastes. But, for small amounts, you can count on rubbish removal experts. 

4. Electronic Waste (e-Waste)

Electronic waste or E-wastes are discarded electronic items, such as electric wires, computer peripherals, and broken computers and monitors

Since these wastes contain toxic materials, they should be handled and recycled with utmost care. Consequently, E-waste recycling facilities are all over Sydney

You can drop them off in these facilities or ask expert removalists to pick and bring them for you.

5. Office Rubbish

Are you having issues with productivity and complaints from clients due to office mess? 

Fortunately, commercial junk removal also includes decluttering offices to make them presentable to guests and clients and create a stress-free atmosphere.

Office rubbish includes paper, old furniture like cabinets, shelves, desks, tables, chairs, and even broken electronic equipment like printers and vending machines.

6. Heavy Equipment

Australia is known for its beautiful infrastructure. But their construction wouldn’t have been possible without heavy equipment, like backhoes and cranes, doing all the lifting and moving of bulky stuff. 

But, when these pieces of equipment become too damaged to function, they become liabilities instead of the project’s production and operation and threaten the employees’ safety.  

Luckily, expert removalists have the appropriate methods, equipment, and experience to remove damaged heavy equipment.

7. Warehouse Rubbish Waste

Warehouses store many things, so it’s only natural that they also have considerable amounts of waste. These include some of the following:

  • Spoiled Perishable Goods
  • Over-produced Products
  • Unusable boxes
  • Scrap Metals 
  • E-waste

8. Construction Debris

After building commercial spaces and offices, construction rubbish like excess wood, hollow blocks, and bulky chunks of concrete occupy a significant amount of space outside the establishment and near roads.

Apart from being unsightly, this waste may also cause injuries If not properly managed. 

9. Demolition Waste

Dilapidated commercial spaces like warehouses, offices, inns, and supermarkets are demolished to avoid safety risks, sell empty lots, or build new and sturdy structures. 

However, this often leaves big chunks of worn-out roofing materials, rusty metals, degraded concrete, and shards of glass, which are just as dangerous. 

Fortunately, rubbish removal companies like Aussie Junk provide demolition and rubbish removal services. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

10. Garden Waste

These wastes include grass clippings, hedge trimmings, etc., from gardens of commercial areas like hotels and resorts.    

Final Thoughts

Commercial junks will continually increase with your company’s growth. There might not be much we can do about it, but you have to do your part in managing this waste.  

With Aussie Junk’s 20 years of rubbish removal experience in Sydney, you can trust us to safely dispose of your commercial wastes and recycle where possible while you manage your business without stress.

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Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

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